108,864 – 954 – 792 – 756 – 216 – 144 – 114,048

Section IV, Part 10 – The Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon

by Doug Krieger



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New Gideon's Chronicle's Post

January 1
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Day 32 - Latest entry

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Sun of Righteousness (3)
Section IV, Part 10 – The Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon

The Good News

Sun of Righteousness (2)
Section IV, Part 9 – The Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon

Beauty and the Beast
…the Beast State is
Turning on the Church


Sun of Righteousness (1)
Section IV, Part 8 – The Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon

Israel's Alters

Altars – Ancient Egypt to the Apocalypse
Part IV, Section 4 – The Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon

None Dare Call it Conspiracy - Rethinking our Lives



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This three-fold sequence on The Sun of Righteousness is a frontal assault upon the metrological indiscretions of the Sacred Geometry Community which, unfortunately for whatever reason – be it purposeful or through darkened neglect – have marginalized, even obfuscated, the Sun of Righteousness.  Virtually all of the divine numerations directly related to the Sun of Righteousness – Messiah Revealed (“27”), His Ministry (“30”), His crucifixion for redemption (“33”) and His Coming in Glory unto the “1335th Day” (“45”) – all have been severely relegated to the periphery of the Sacred Geometric Community – including the divine intention of the Lamb’s Wife, the Woman, the Bride of Messiah – the New Jerusalem’s real purpose as disclosed in her most outstanding, descriptive dimension in her 18,000-mile, 12-edged perimeter (i.e., the “18”); the Wall of the New Jerusalem as seen in the “144” and the incredibly, unrelenting imperative of measurement found in the 25.20” or 2.1’ Sacred Cubit.


In addition to these occlusions, we have the most egregious oversight, the Woman, “clothed with the Sun…and the Moon beneath her feet…with the 12 Stars as a garland over her head” of Revelation 12.  She is wholly detached from the astronomical profundities within the Sacred Geometry Community – except for an aside mention by some having “something to do” with the planets and the like.  She is occluded, nigh enduring a total eclipse wherein the lunar qualities of 1080 (the Moon’s radius) overwhelms her and scarce mention is given to the Sun’s radiance upon her which in turn provides the Moon the Sun’s glory. 


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All this, and of course, the pagan Zodiac declaring soulish personalities and destinies of humans who have turned the “truth of God” into a lie wherein the creature is worshiped more than the Creator Who alone is blessed forever – whereas, the garland over the Woman with 12 Stars bears witness that the Mazzaroth is but the history of the Commonwealth of Israel – both Testaments bearing witness wherein each of the 2,160 year time frames as in 12 x 2,160 = 25,920 years with 1°

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of this “Great Precessional’s” 360
° equal to 72 years bearing the “Name of God” (“72”) and of the Triune God (i.e., 3° = “216” years).  Likewise, this 25,920 = 2 + 5 + 9 + 2 = “18” bearing the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement and the “7 Epochal Time Frames from Abraham to Christ” are equal to 7 x 2160 = 15,120 or 1512 which, in Greek Gematria is equal to Apocalypsis and is two base edges of the Great Pyramid of Giza at 756’ x 2 = 1,512’…and the “5 Epochal Time Frames from Christ to the Apocalypse” are equal to 5 x 2160 = 10,800 or the very mark of the New Jerusalem’s “18” as in 10,8.




…by Doug Krieger

The Lord of the Harvest has commissioned us that he would “send forth” laborers into His harvest field – for that field is “ripe unto harvest!”  These little, but relevant, gospel tracts/broadsides are designed for the Church to distribute to anyone and anywhere – I only wish they could be translated into other languages and “personalized” – for in all areas of life believers have a testimony of the Grace of God as found in the Redeemer.  This is not optional – all of us are “sent forth” to preach the gospel to everyone!

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So – we’ve taken tragedy, addiction and champions in PDF format to be placed on a “flash drive” or directly taken to the printer – “blank address box” is found at the end – you place your own info. there or use the Tribnet web site address – and distribute where you may!  God bless – Lord willing, we’ll have more – no author is found on it – why?  Because we felt it would honor the Lord if you could make it personal – Jesus is real – He alone is worthy – He’ll speak the message and draw all men to Himself if He is lifted up!  Just click on the blank or Tribnet link and what you see is what you’ll get …

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Bro. Doug.



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Beauty and the Beast

…the Beast State is Turning on the Church


By Dene McGriff

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Today we are witnessing the acquiescence of the church as society and the state impinge upon her. We have two examples. One is national, showing the gradual caving of the church to the modern age as it tries to make herself more accommodating to the State and now experiencing the State’s uncompromising attack on the church. The other has to do with supporting an evangelist who is going to be doing a “season of service” here in Sacramento, California, as an evangelistic outreach – here, the Church attempts to make herself more attractive to the world, less offensive, more in “tune with today’s culture.”



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